The Art Of Working in Pairs
Documentary // 10. Min  (Premiere 2019)
Short documentary about two unique circus acrobats professional and private life. 

Documentary // 15. Min  
A portrait of the director's dawning transition from young to adult that centers around individuals positive contributions in a period of life filled with confusion and gloomy future prospects
Short Film // 15. Min 
Communicating through her portable video camera, Heidi films the disastrously ongoing chamber play between her parents and the building repression within her father. In order to get more sun on the family’s terrace this summer, a large tree needs to be cut down in the garden. Her mother insists that Heidi’s father helms the execution, which gets tricky when Joe, their charismatic neighbour turns out to be the natural leader. What starts out as a simple household task, becomes the root of all problems, the tree only a mere catalyst to the dysfunctional family's attitudes and routines.
Excerpt from the film
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